Mindfulness is not really a “trend,” but a way of life grounded in science and proven by the people embracing it. Living mindfully is a change to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling and successful life. It opens the mind to a perspective that supports the individual, business and a sustainable economy. 

Practicing mindfulness will:​

                         • open your mind to new knowledge and a way of looking at life;
                         • allow you to be more productive with less work; 
                         • connect you to the creative conscious for solving problems;
                         • teach you how to be happier in life and the workplace;
                         • bring an awareness of how the universe constantly speaks and guides you.   

Loren is dedicated to teaching how to embrace this new way of life. This inspiring wisdom is available in a variety of modalities, each designed to meet the needs of the participants. Modalities include:

                         • personal counseling services (weekly or bi-weekly meetings);
                         • mindful hiking (guided meditative walks in the New England forests);
                         • a visually guided talk - intro to consciousness and a "how-to" guide
                         • hands-on creative workshops teaching how to tap into the creative conscious to work through problems confronted in art, business, education and our personal lives
                         • talk on the newest "model" in business and the marketplace for creating sustainability

Workshops, hiking and talks provided by:

    Loren Costantini - artist, Juris Doctor, entrepreneur, spiritual thinker, builder
    Mona Costantini - artist, Doctor of Wisdom studies, art therapist, teacher, architect
    Joshua Costantini - artist, musician, nature guide, teacher and counselor