I am a 51 year old man. I have suffered from debilitating physical illness, heartbreak, betrayal, divorce, money & legal problems, depression, severe anxiety and loneliness. I also have personal experience with addiction and mental illness. Despite these difficult experiences, I have learned how to quiet my mind, heal my emotion and physical illnesses and live a happy and fulfilling life.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness for over two decades. I have a very strong understanding of who I am and my purpose. I am educated with a degree in psychology, am a practicing artist, a builder, a habitual hiker and have been a counselor of law and life for over 24 years. I raised two children to adulthood who are exceptional humans. I am a great teacher.  

I understand what mindfulness is, can explain it and teach it. I speak at a level that everyone can understand. Simply put, mindfulness is practiced by focusing on the present moment with a non-judgmental mindset. This mindset is developed by practicing various forms of meditation, such as yoga, walking/hiking, sitting, doing art or any other activity that pulls you into the present moment. Through the years I have developed my own practice of mindfulness specific to me and I can teach others how to use simple practices to change their life to be happier, healthier and more peaceful.

I offer the following services:

Counseling: sit, listen, discuss and practice changing your mind so you can change your life. Whether you are in need of reducing your stress level, changing your life or healing emotional and physical illness, a mindfulness practice is the remedy. Mindfulness counseling helps you design and implement a practice specific to you. Meetings can take place weekly or bi-weekly. (Virtual appointments are available)

Mindful Hikes: Guided nature walks will mindfully move you through the forest in presence and awareness with all the senses. The intention of the mindful hike is attract you to the present moment, develop a deeper sense of awareness and learn how to connect with nature. This is accomplished in various playful ways. The practice of spending time in nature decreases stress and increases health, wellness and happiness. We are still giving guided nature walks using proper social distancing.
Hands-on Workshops: Interactive workshops offer you a unique opportunity to engage in a simple creative process of emotional expression. Through the use of guided imagery, bookmaking, collage, and dialogue you will create your own story book accessing imagery that is personal to your individual life journey. The process requires no previous artistic experience.  It is a relaxing and playful process where you will engage with Self as well as witness others. This is currently suspended as it requires group meetings.