Born in 1968, Loren grew up in an artist’s family in the woods of Connecticut. He was entrenched in art from the day he could hold a crayon and  was taught to observe life through the eyes of a farmer, carpenter, machinist, architect, artist and lawyer. His formal study of art began working in clay at age 8 and continued to Paier Art College during high school and after graduation, Syracuse University School of Architecture. 

Throughout the years Loren's work has ranged from abstract wood carvings, portraits constructed of wire and metals, vessels made of tissue paper and epoxy, contemporary furniture and the creation of interior and exterior spaces.  He is best known for his large scale flower sculptures where he has exhibited in several states including an installation at the Highline in New York City. 

Loren's most recent series combines decades of the study and practice of mindfulness with research and design to develop a new, conscious boutique gift for all occasions. In the form of intimate flower sculptures named LorenFlower, he captures the concept of gift, not as material object, but as a fulfilling experience of giving and receiving. 

Loren's life as artist is dedicated to spreading altruism through art and educating people how to access inner wisdom by connecting with the creative conscious. Life from a mindful perspective leads to better health, happiness and fulfillment.

Loren practices his art through his company c2m Design, a creative design firm focused on exposing the general public to art on a conscious level.