Loren is the owner and founder of c2m design, a creative design firm focused on connecting humans through art. The firm is comprised of professionals, craftsman, and artists of all mediums who have been collaborating for decades. In addition to working directly with individuals and companies, Loren's 20 year background in the residential and commercial building industry allows his company seamless collaboration with developers, architects and contractors. c2m specializes in conceptualizing, designing and fabricating creative space, temporary and permanent installations and sustainable products. Its flagship product, LorenFlower, redefines the idea of a gift as an experience rather than a material item. 

c2m will connect you or your company to the general public in an authentic and unique way or teach you how to do it. In addition to our creative design services, we offer interactive talks and workshops that teach how to tap into the creative conscious to solve problems and create new, fresh perspectives in the workplace.